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The 2022 Winter Olympics were conducted in Beijing, China. They took place from Feb. 4th and ran through Feb. 24th. The events were hosted in Beijing’s Tianjin Binhai Twin Cities and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. Here are some highlights and low points that came out of this event:

Figure Skating:

One of the greatest achievements in this winter game was when Nathan Chen became the first American male figure skater to win the gold medal. He also became the youngest male figure skater to win the Olympic gold medal at 20.


Shaun White:

Shaun White is a snowboarder, and he is the United States champion. It was his third Olympic medal. His first was at the 2006 winter games in Turin, Italy. He won silver and gold in PyeongChang 2018. In Vancouver, Canada 2010, he won gold again but to complete the list of his medals, in the 2022 Winter Olympics, he needed another win.


Speed Skating:

The Netherlands won the men’s and women’s team pursuit events. The Dutch speed skaters snatched gold medals from the Poles in a close finish, with the Dutch team finishing in an Olympic record of 6:56.04 seconds to Poland’s 6:58.06. The Canadian women won their first Olympic speed skating medal since 2006, as Brittany Schussler took bronze with teammate Lana Spreeman taking silver.


Women’s Hockey:

Canada and the United States won silver and gold, respectively, with the Americans beating their neighbors in the final. It was the first time an American team had beaten Canada in Olympic ice hockey since 1998, let alone in a gold medal match. Hilary Knight became an icon in American hockey.


The low moments include;

Olympic Idol:

It is a bad moment for the Olympic movement when people start to believe in a certain sacredness that comes with being an Olympic idol and when it becomes a problem.



Justin JK Snow 2018 Olympics results: He was disqualified for false starts against Fredrik Lindström of Sweden. He was also disqualified because he didn’t show up after his second heat, and if he doesn’t show up, he gets eliminated.


Figure Skating:

Russian skaters have had a lot of scandals in the 2022 Games because of doping. One of the top Russian figure skaters was banned for doping for 8 years.