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Rohan Bridgett


About Rohan Bridgett

Rohan Bridgett is a skilled financial professional living in Brooklyn, New York, who – alongside his busy career as the Vice President of Deutsche Bank – loves watching sports as a way to unwind and relax.

An athlete himself, Rohan played soccer throughout most of his youth. After earning his diploma, he attended St. Francis College, where he was a Scholarship Letter Winner for NCAA Division 1 Soccer while earning his degrees.

While he doesn’t have the chance to play as often as he’d like anymore, Rohan Bridgett still loves watching soccer and follows the English Premier League. His team is Arsenal, and he enjoys cheering them on.

Outside of soccer, Rohan is also a big fan of the National Football League, and while he doesn’t follow any one NFL team in particular, he enjoys watching the game of football being played no matter who is competing.

More About Rohan

In his professional career, Rohan Bridgett is the Vice President and Dividend Group Manager for Deutsche Bank. Across his six years with the bank, Rohan worked for almost two years as the Associate Vice President and nearly five years as the Vice President for Depositary Receipts. 

Before Deutsche Bank, Rohan Brigett held the role of Vice President at BNY Mellon. After joining the firm in 2009 as an Associate, Rohan built his way up to Senior Associate and eventually achieved the Vice President title. Prior to joining BNY Mellon, Rohan spent three years with Bear Stearns, the global investment bank based in New York. He joined the team as a Dividend Specialist before later moving into his role as an Accountant. 

Throughout his career, Rohan has consistently demonstrated himself to be a knowledgeable professional who is skilled in areas that include financial analysis, securities, equities, banking, finance, financial services and reporting, fixed income, account reconciliation, and more. Rohan holds dual Bachelor’s degrees from Brooklyn-based St. Francis College in both Accounting and Management. Alongside being a Scholarship letter winner for varsity soccer, he was also a Franciscan Academic Scholar. 

When he isn’t busy with his career, Rohan Bridgett also loves to travel; he finds great personal satisfaction in sojourning in new areas, having an opportunity to experience foods, cultures, and sights outside of his comfort zone and day-to-day life. For more on Rohan’s travels, visit his travel site.

To get insight and information on sports, be sure to check out Rohan’s blog page for the latest updates!